About me

It was hard enough dragging myself up to the 19,341-foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. But the people I was photographing had it much worse: disabled veterans, literally climbing the mountain on stumps, one good leg between the three of them.  Then there was the time I took workshop clients snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands and sea lions blew bubbles in our faces.  I found beauty and simplicity photographing a small lakeside wedding, capturing touching moments as the couple pledged their love.  And while most people wouldn’t even try to shoot at night in the rain, I showed my group that combination can be magical — with a jazz trumpeter on the streets of New Orleans.  Whether shooting a rainbow over Yosemite Falls, lion cubs in Africa or a corporate portrait, I love photography and teaching and sharing. My career has spanned more than 30 years, beginning with jobs at newspapers in the Midwest, South and East. Now in Kansas City, I divide my time between shooting and teaching photography. My corporate clients have included USA Today, The New York Times, The Associated Press, NBC, Children’s Mercy Hospital, EPA, Reuters, Nikon, Lexar, Lowepro, Eco-Challenge and Mark Burnett Productions. I began teaching in the ’90s with a class on photojournalism at Rochester Institute of Technology. After our newspaper switched to digital in 1997, I spoke about that transition at conferences around the country. In 2000 I left being a newspaper photographer and spent the next few years helping dozens of newspapers and other organizations convert to digital. In 2002 I began teaching the Nikon School of Photography, creating the programs, teaching and managing the other teachers.  Every year I lead a number of hands-on photo workshops, ranging from weekend treks in the U.S. to two-week trips abroad. My goal is to help people at all levels improve their technical and creative abilities with cameras and computers, and have fun while doing that. Back in New York, I won the National Press Photographer’s Association Photographer of the Year honors for my Eastern region twice. And in the last few years I’ve received several industry honors, being named a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, a Lexar Pro Elite photographer and a Microsoft Icon of Imaging.

What I Teach

  • How to grow as a photographer, regardless of skill level.
  • What camera equipment is right for you, based on your photography and budget.
  • Composition and light.
  • A better understanding of exposure, and the vast menu options and controls on today’s cameras to create better pictures.
  • Using flash creatively.
  • Creating an efficient workflow, from download to output.
  • Basic and advanced editing techniques.
  • The basics of color management, to help your image stay true from computer to output.