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Assignment: NCAA Basketball Game

I’ve always enjoyed photographing sports. Each one requires knowledge to anticipate where the key action, or moments, might happen. Some, like golf, are physically demanding (no golf carts for photographers!), Baseball is all about fast reaction and timing. And a big part of football photography, especially with the NFL, is...
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How Mylio changed and improved my Workflow

You’ve probably read that over the last year I’ve been using new photo software called Mylio, and been giving classes and workshops on it. One of the most common questions I hear is, “How do you use it?” While Mylio can be pretty simple at a basic level, I’ve learned how to really...
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Photographer Gift Ideas

It’s that gifting time of year again, so here’s a list of suggestions for that photographer near and dear to you. Some will make them better photographers, expand what they can do, keep them comfortable or just be fun. Some are expensive, some aren’t. And don’t feel bad if you decide to...
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