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LED Lighting for Stills

My education in lighting began back in 1980 with a pair of what we called “hot lights” (Lowell Tota-lights). Designed for TV location lighting, in addition to being bulky and putting out a lot of heat, they also regularly blew fuses in people’s homes. Fun times! Their strength was in being...
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African Safari Moments

“Rhino!” That was the shout that electrified everyone in our truck. In six trips to the Serengeti, I had yet to see that most iconic, and most endangered, animal there. Although we weren’t close, it was a magical moment. And that’s what I tell everyone about these workshops to Africa –...
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Photographing the Northern California Coast

If you’ve ever driven the California coast, you understand why it’s so popular with poets and songwriters. Highway 1, south of San Francisco and through Big Sur, must be one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. What makes it so attractive? It’s rough, with lots of rock and...
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