Having Reed shoot the senior photos for our oldest daughter two years ago, we knew we wanted him again when it came time for our next child, Claire. She was excited but a little nervous about posing for pictures, but Reed’s easy-going and fun manner helped her relax right away. She ended up having a great time, and we were thrilled with the photos. Two down, one to go. When the time comes for our youngest to have her photos taken, we’ll call Reed again.

Eve Nuti

It was late afternoon, and a few of us were strolling along a street in the newer section of Istanbul. Reed suddenly turned to his right, raising his camera to his eye. He saw what eluded the rest of us: a boy and a girl, perhaps 10 years old, sitting side by side on a stair stoop, sucking on popsicles, a bright yellow bicycle leaning against their knees.  This scene captured for me the essence of Reed Hoffmann: photojournalist.  But in addition to capturing a moment, Reed taught me patience, sometimes watching and waiting for long minutes for the right light, or the right moment.

I’ve accompanied Reed on four international Treks — Turkey, Egypt, Botswana and China — and attended a couple of Nikon Schools he’s taught. He is not only a fount of knowledge of all things photographic, but is unfailingly patient with tyros like me. In the middle of a crowded street he has unerringly found the right menu on my stubborn camera, solved a mechanical problem or reframed an awkward pic into an acceptable photograph at a review session. During long drives into the Egyptian desert he roamed the aisle of the bus, asking and answering questions and dispensing photographic wisdom. Not only is he a master photographer and mentor, but his advice for travel, packing and having a successful trip are not to be missed.

Having shared meals and stories over several Mentor Treks, long bus trips, Range Rovers on bumpy roads and puddle-jumping  airplanes, I also count him as a boon travel companion and friend. I can think of no better teacher and mentor.

Ronald M. Weintraub, M.D.

I’ve had the pleasure of going on several photo treks with Reed, and have also attended seminars he’s taught.  He makes even complicated topics easy to understand, and his humor keeps the mood light.  My photography has improved since working with him, and he’s always open to questions even after returning from a trip.  I hope to have him as my leader for many workshops to come.  His easy going nature makes the trips fun as well as educational.

Ruth Beckner

I needed professional photos to show that my company is not your everyday optical store with ordinary products. It was hard for me to envision how a photo could convey that, but that’s why I asked Reed to come in. He did an awesome job.

 The lighting and camera angles he used were wonderful, conveying the state-of-the-art look I wanted and showing off my staff and me in unique and creative ways.

 I¹ve been taking pictures for years, and it was a real eye-opener to watch how he was able to create these pictures quickly and efficiently. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Leon Butler, owner, Brookside Optical, Kansas City

Reed was an instructor at a Nikon School weekend I signed up for after switching to Nikon digital cameras in 2007. Reed’s teaching techniques and character made me look into some of the tours he leads.

In the years since, I have traveled with Reed to Oregon, Tanzania, the Galapagos Islands and Peru.  It has been wonderful to meet up with some of the same tour participants who also return for a new adventure every year.

Reed does not get his feathers ruffled, nor is he the least bit pretentious. He is a patient instructor to those who require a bit more help, and is trusting of those who are more experienced to go at it without much supervision.

Reed has also become a trusted resource when asked about making significant investments in cameras and lenses.

I am looking forward to trips to photograph Bhutan, China and Iceland with Reed and some old friends among the “groupies” in the next few years.  Any other spots we don’t know about yet?

Michael Kan

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with Reed Hoffmann to Turkey and China on photographic adventures. He brings an incredible amount of knowledge and experience to the field and makes great photography fun and achievable. The first time I traveled with him I was new to the world of DSLR cameras and had a huge learning curve.  Reed worked with me on the basics and challenged me to utilize my camera to the best of my abilities.  I was able to capture fantastic images and learned a great deal from him about creating the kind of pictures I could see in my mind but never knew how to compose.

When we met up again in China, I had a few years of DSLR photography under my belt.  I felt comfortable with my camera but wanted to focus on technique, lighting and editing images.  Reed helped me create a manageable workflow for image processing. In addition, we worked on more advanced composition and some great artistic flair.  I look forward to traveling with Reed again and highly recommend him to anyone interested in improving his or her photography and post-production skills.

Jill Mazur