Since the late 90s I’ve taught photography, workflow, editing and lighting at workshops and seminars in the U.S. and around the world. Beginning in 2002, I’ve been the creator of, as well as taught, the Nikon School of Photography classes for Nikon USA. I take great pride in being able to teach to any level and make it fun, from someone just starting out with a point-and-shoot to the student who’s been doing serious photography for years. No matter their skill level, most people simply want to become better photographers and enjoy doing it.

In addition to private training, here are some of the companies I’ve run training or taught workshops for:

Popular Photography and American Photography magazines (the Mentor Series), Nikon USA (Nikon School and an online video class), Geek Cruises, The Associated Press, Best Buy, Pack Paddle Ski, Blue Pixel Digital Experts, One Ocean Expeditions, Rich Clarkson Digital Summit, New England Camera Clubs Council, Microsoft, plus over thirty newspapers across the U.S. (image quality and digital workflow training).

The links below will take you to pages that cover the different types of training I lead, as well as some additional material you may find helpful (the “E-Learnings”):

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Private Instruction


Slideshows and Videos from Workshops