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Assignment: NCAA Basketball Game

I’ve always enjoyed photographing sports. Each one requires knowledge to anticipate where the key action, or moments, might happen. Some, like golf, are physically demanding (no golf carts for photographers!), Baseball is all about fast reaction and timing. And a big part of football photography, especially with the NFL, is...
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Working your Options

One of the biggest challenges facing photographers is finding new and different ways to make pictures. That’s especially true when shooting something you’ve shot before. Which means it’s time to think through your options. For the last eight years I’ve spent the beginning of December in Colorado doing photography for Disabled...
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African Safari Moments

“Rhino!” That was the shout that electrified everyone in our truck. In six trips to the Serengeti, I had yet to see that most iconic, and most endangered, animal there. Although we weren’t close, it was a magical moment. And that’s what I tell everyone about these workshops to Africa –...
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